The Hosts

Dr. Chenee' Gilbert

Dr. Gilbert is an Author and Educator with over twenty years of experience. While teaching for an Urban School District she encountered several students who struggled with emotional and social issues. She eventually discovered that her students were displaying unhealthy behavior as a result of unresolved grief.


As a result, Dr. Gilbert founded Soul Deep Services, an organization committed to educating the urban community on grief. The agency serves grieving youth and young adults ages 5-25 teaching them the signs, triggers and equipping them with healthy coping strategies. 


Kierra Sunae'

Kierra Sunae’ Taplin is a Grief Coach and Pregnancy & Infant Loss Advocate. While struggling to heal after the death of her newborn son, Kierra encountered many women who shared similar challenges moving beyond their grief.


As a result, Kierra founded Healing Footprints Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit organization that supports grieving families after infant loss. The foundation offers services that nurture the family's emotional health and provide resources to alleviate some of the obstacles experienced during the infant burial process.

Reframing Grief Conversations


Girl Talk that Heals